SwiftKey – A Keyboard That LEARNS From YOU – Part 01

SwiftKey Logo

We all use different Mobile devices with different input keyboard apps but we all face certain problems like :

1) Typos changing the word intended to be written at the last moment which sometimes causes a lot of confusion & embarrassment.
2) Even if we write repeated words/sentences we have to type them full (the only help is predictive text but it also is not of much help).

We all wish for an app which could free us from all this botheration & enable us to quickly type on our Touch Screen devices. So the solution for this is here…

SwiftKey – The Keyboard That LEARNS From YOU

SwiftKey is a unique mobile input keyboard that is fastly getting its fan following for being The Keyboard That LEARNS From YOU as it uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type.

SwiftKey was first released on July 14,2010 for the Android devices with support for 7 languages along with a variety of settings to adjust audio feedback volume & length of haptic feedback vibration whereas today it supports over 80 languages with a bouquet of customisation options.

Let’s start with the way this Learning Keyboard works…


Here is the Settings page of SwiftKey where you can Customise it to learn & work as per your desire, set Language preferences, choose Themes to dress your Keyboard, determine how the keyboard Appears, define Feedback methods & their intensity, choose Input Method as per your convenience, define Auto Text Correction methods, etc.

It also records your Usage Statistics so that you can know how much you have been able to teach this Learning Keyboard & how much benefits has the app provided to ease your message composing.

Let’s check all the options to know about the Learning Keyboard in depth…


Account :
While installing & registering the app, you are asked to provide your email id – which works as your Account ID.

Devices :
If you use multiple devices, you have the privilege of using SwiftKey on all of them using your unique Account ID. This way your texting experience on all devices remains same as the app sync’s them all at user pre-defined intervals.

Backup & Sync :
While composing messages whatever words you save in the dictionary, backup of all is taken as per the frequency set by you & synchronised among all your devices.

Personalisation :
This is the Class Room of SwiftKey. Once you authorise the app, it fetches your message composing style/pattern/info & related details from all your accounts like Message Box, Yahoo, Gmail, Google +, Facebook,Twitter, Evernote & RSS Feed.



SwiftKey allows you to select upto 3 Working Languages at a time from a bouquet of over 80 languages it supports.

To switch between the Language’s, just Long Press the Spacebar & a Window pops up with your pre-selected languages. Switch to the language of your choice & enjoy the ease of message composing in different languages in a flash.



Theme & Layout

Theme :
It enables you to choose keypad design & look as per your choice by applying Theme’s – to dress your keyboard in accordance to the colours of your device Theme or your mood.

Arrow Keys :
You can have 4 arrow keys below the keyboard for easy navigation to check your message while composing/editing.

Accented Characters :
Accented Characters enables you to use some unique special looking characters by long pressing that particular alphabet.

Numeric Pad:
You can have the numeric keypad to left or right as per your preference for easy single handed operation.




This option defines Feedback methods & their intensity. You can specify how you want the keyboard to respond to your touch – by Sound or by Vibration along with their intensity level of response.



You can select your input options according to the convenience you want… whether type each letter individually or a complete word at once as well as whether to key in manually or give Voice commands.

Input Methods

Type Each Letter :
If you deselect all the options then you have to type each letter individually, similar to all normal keyboards.

Flow :
If you want to write a complete word in one go then tap the first letter & slide your finger over the remaining letters of that word. For eg. to write BUT, tap B & slide your finger over U & T.

Voice :
If you want to rest your finger’s then enable this option & give dictation to scribble down what you want.


This brings us to the end of Part 1 of the article. In the next part, we bring in more details about SwiftKey – Advanced Settings, Support etc. So STAY TUNED…

Until then hope you all find this work of mine useful & if anyone out there has any suggestions/queries related to my article, you all are welcome to leave comments underneath.


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