SwiftKey – A Keyboard That LEARNS From YOU – Part 02

SwiftKey Logo

In the Part 1 of this article you were detailed about Settings, Multiple Device Syncing, Language Selection, Layout, Input Methods etc. So now lets move ahead…


Auto Text Correction options are placed under Advanced Tab. Herein, you can ease your editing work by checking the check boxes corresponding to the options.

Spacebar Completion :
While typing you can select what spacebar will do… Whether it will Insert Space or complete the Current Word you are typing or the Word being Predicted.

Quick Period :
Double space will insert Period or Full Stop to terminate the on-going sentence.

Auto Capitalize :
It will automatically Capitalise the First Character of the sentence. This may prove to be a bit of problem when using period after an abbreviation as SwiftKey considers it as end of a sentence & the beginning of another.

You can also define Long Press duration to set the duration of press to activate certain functions.

Clear Data :
If you want the app to re-learn from scratch then you can clear all personal language data you saved.

Notifications :
App sends alerts regarding your achievements while using the keypad like how much efforts you saved to key in words, etc.

Settings Toggle


Long pressing the keypad switching key (used to toggle between numeric & alphabetic keyboard) this window pops out where you can access SwiftKey Settings & Themes.

You can even Dock/Undock & Resize the keypad according to your ease of operation.

3 Preset Keyboard Layouts are also available for your use.


Usage Stats



Usage Statistics page provides info regarding your Efficiency in using this app to its full capabilities, Key Strokes you saved by using Flow technique, Typos corrected by the app, Words typed & the Distance your finger travelled while using Flow & the words Predicted & Completed by SwiftKey.





Support page comes to your rescue when you face any problem related to usage of the app or have any doubts regarding any feature, you can always get an answer to your queries by accessing Video’s & FAQ’s.

Forward Suggestions for app improvement or Bugs you encountered to the Devs here.





Info regarding the Version you are running is available on About SwiftKey page as its version varies from device to device & OS to OS. You can also follow SwiftKey on Facebook & Twitter to get all the latest news about the app.





This ends the review of an awesome feature rich keyboard app SwiftKey which is a perfect solution to all user problems related with texting & message composing on hand held touch screen devices.

Until then hope you all find this work of mine useful & if anyone out there has any suggestions/queries related to my article, you all are welcome to leave comments underneath.


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