[Step By Step Guide] Installing Android USB (ADB) Driver

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge & is required to connect your Android devices to your PC or Laptop for debugging – to bring it back to life in case it gets bricked or OS gets severely damaged.

This is a All in One installer developed by Snoop05 of XDA which installs ADB, Fastboot & Drivers.  Execute the exe by selecting Run as Administrator.

Here are the steps for installation of Android USB (ADB) Driver :

ADB Installer 01

ADB Installer 02





ADB Installer 03


Once you have completed these steps successfully you will be taken to a setup wizard for further installation.


ADB Installer 04

ADB Installer 05







How to check if Android USB (ADB) Driver are installed successfully ?


Press Windows Logo + R or open the RUN command box.
Type cmd to open DOS Prompt window.


Open Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.


Type command :

adb to get the entire driver details &
adb version to check the version of drivers installed.



  • I did it successfully on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G.
  • Carry out each instruction very carefully & exactly as directed.
  • I’m not at all responsible for any damage whatsoever to your device.
  • Debug your device at YOUR OWN RISK.

File Download : Android USB (ADB) Driver

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