[Step By Step Guide] Writing erased IMEI

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity which is a unique number used for identifying the device.  If it’s erased some how due to erroneous handling of the device then your smart phone is nothing but a dummy as it cannot connect to any telecom network.  However you can use it to connect to Wi-Fi, bluetooth, play games, listen music & watch movies but you cannot access data connection or make/receive calls/sms.

How to ascertain if IMEI is erased or not ?



To find IMEI of your smartphone

  • Goto Settings
  • About Phone
  • Status
  • IMEI Information

If it looks like as in this screenshot then the IMEI is erased.



How to Write IMEI ?

This is a serious scenario but what you need is Mobileuncle MTK IMEI Write Tool (PC Software) & Mobile Uncle Tools (Mobile App).  Download & extract the Mobileuncle MTK IMEI Write Tool (PC Software) file on your PC.



Open the folder & run the file as administrator, which will lead to the pop up of the following window.





As is evident from the screenshot that it is in other language than Englsh, so simply enter Y & press enter.



Next it will ask to enter the IMEI which you can locate either on your device box price sticker or on the sticker on your device below the battery.  In case its a dual SIM device, it will ask you to enter IMEI 2.  Punch in the correct IMEI & press enter.



Once you punch in the correct required details the program terminates & creates a backup file by the name of IMEI.bak in the folder from where you executed the application.



Copy this file to your device SD Card.


Download & install Mobile Uncle Tools on your device (either download using Wi-Fi or download on PC & copy to your device along with IMEI.bak).




Open the app & click on IMEI Backup Restore (MTK).

It will open a new screen where in Backup & Restore options are listed.  Use the Restore option (in case of Dual SIM device use restore from any of the 2 options).



Now, your IMEI is successfully restored.  Reboot & Enjoy.



  • I did it successfully on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G.
  • Carry out each instruction very carefully & exactly as directed.
  • I’m not at all responsible for any damage whatsoever to your device.
  • Debug your device at YOUR OWN RISK.

File DownloadMobileuncle MTK IMEI Write Tool (PC Software)
                             Mobile Uncle Tools (Mobile App)


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