Print from your Smart Phone

Smart Phones have indeed made our life’s much easier with whole lot of apps.  One task which looks troublesome is that, when we have to take a print out of some documents urgently but we are not using our computer at that particular moment while the files can be accessed easily from our Smart Phone.

So can we take those print outs without having to use the computer ?
Can our smart phone be the saviour again ?

The answer is YES.  So, what all we need to Print using our Smart Phone…

  1. Smart Phone with Printer support/Printing facility.
  2. APK’s for detecting, installing & controlling printer.
  3. Net Connection for downloading & installing printer drivers & some file format reading drivers.
  4. OTG Cable.
  5. Printer.

Download & install the APK files provided at the bottom of this article.

USB Host Controller

Connect your printer to your Smart Phone using the OTG Cable & switch the printer on.  Click on this icon to access USB Host Controller which will help detect the printer.


Once the app launches it will be busy at first.  When done it will look like as in the the adjoining screenshot.

Tab 1 is Information tab showing driver info & USB Port info.  If it shows nothing then click Refresh.

Tab 2 is USB tab which will display detected printer.

Tab 3 consists Settings related to the app.

Click the USB Tab to check whether your printer is detected or not.

Printer Detection

It the printer is not detected then :

  • Exit the app & kill it.
  • Check printer power supply & connection to the Smart Phone.
  • Also ensure that the OTG Cable is working or not.

Identify & troubleshoot the problem.  Restart the app & finally your printer will be displayed in the list.

Printer ShareOnce the printer is detected & you can view it in the list, exit the app while keeping it running in the background – by pressing the home button.  Now, launch the second app, Printer Share which will install all required drivers (printer & file format) & gives print commands.

Follow the steps – by clicking the buttons, pointed by the arrow, to install printer driver successfully.

Printer Driver Instalation

Print SelectionOnce the needful is done you are good to print device files using your Smart Phone & Printer.  You can choose to print :

  • Images  – Local Device Gallery & Google Photos.
  • Contacts – Collective & Individual.
  • Calendar – Single Day, Pre Defined or Custom Tenure.
  • Web Page.
  • Messages – Collective & Individual.
  • Call Log.
  • Email’s from Gmail.
  • Cloud Files from Google Drive.
  • Documents – Local Device.



  • I did it successfully on my
    • Xiaomi Redmi 1S,
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G &
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G.
  • Carry out each instruction very carefully & exactly as directed.
  • I’m not at all responsible for any damage whatsoever to your device.
  • Try this at YOUR OWN RISK.

File Download : USB Host Controller
                             Printer Share


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