How & Where to get Genuine Insurance Information ?

We all buy insurance to safeguard ourselves against numerous unfortunate events & to serve that purpose we need expert guidance from a genuine professional.  There are many instances of insurance buyers being cheated by insurance sellers (agents, tele-callers, brokers etc.) – on whom they depend for advice.

So, What’s the solution ?

Is there any one point information center, for the would be insured, to get to the point exact genuine information ?

Can the information given by insurance sellers be verified ?

The answer to all these questions is YES.  Following links provide all the information one needs – to have or verify, while buying insurance :

  • Consumer Education Website by I.R.D.A. – This site is operated by I.R.D.A. itself to spread awareness among would be insurance buyer’s.
  • Life Insurer’s in India – Complete List of Indian Life Insurance Companies with their Website, Official Address, Principal Officer, Appointed Actuary & Contact details.
  • General Insurer’s in India List of all Indian Non-Life Insurance Companies (General & Health Insurer’s) along with additional information about Website, Official Address, Principal Officer, Appointed Actuary & Contact details.
  • Handbook Collection of guide books to answer FAQ’s.
  • Agent Locator I.R.D.A. regulated site to locate & verify if the agent is a Genuine I.R.D.A. affiliated Agent or not.
  • Company Website – Details related to the policy can be verified by visiting respective company’s official website.  Boucher, Calculator etc are all available online to cross check all the details, the agent has provided.

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