[Step By Step Guide] Fastboot MediaTek MT65XX Devices

Whenever a phone gets bricked or gets severely damaged you need to restore it by installing Fastboot ROM on it.  It is a complicated task & when during that desperation to get your device fixed asap you get incomplete information or non working download links then it can be really frustrating.  So, here I am going to create a detailed step by step guide with fully operational links.

Pre-requisites :

  1. Android USB (ADB) Driver.
  2. VCOM Driver (depending on your PC OS).
  3. Smart Phone (SP) Flash Tool.
  4. Fastboot ROM.
  5. 7-zip or any other compression software like WinZip, WinRAR etc. (7-zip is preferred).
  6. Your MediaTek Chipset device.
  7. Your PC/Laptop.
  8. Compatible USB Cable.

Procedure :

  • Download Android USB (ADB) Driver, VCOM Driver (depending on your PC OS), Smart Phone (SP) Flash Tool, your device Fastboot ROM & 7-zip.
  • Install Android USB (ADB) Driver & VCOM Driver (depending on your PC OS).

Fastboot ROM

  • Extract your device Fastboot ROM tgz file & extract its content using 7 Zip which will give output as a Fastboot ROM tar file.


Extract tgz

Extracted Fastboot ROM tar


  • Extract the Fastboot ROM tar file by 7 zip.


Extract tar

  • Extract Smart Phone (SP) Flash Tool by 7 zip & by executing the flash_tool application file from within the extracted folder run the tool.


  • When you execute the application following pop up appears.

Pop Up

  • Click on OK & the following screen will show up.  click the Scatter Loading button & locate the required file from the folder where you extracted the Fastboot File.

Scatter File Loading

Scatter File

  • Once scatter file is loaded the window will look like as follows :


  • Ensure that :
    1. All files in the list are selected.
    2. Drop down menu option above file list is Download Only.
  • Click the Download icon, file list will be greyed out & Stop button will be activated.

Download begins

  • Now –
    1. Switch off your device.
    2. Connect your Device to PC/Laptop via compatible USB Cable.
  • Once the device is securely connected, the progress bar at the bottom will show some activity.  Wait for the process to end.

Download OK


  • On the successful completion of the task a pop up window with Right sign will appear.
  • Disconnect the device & restart.  Allow it sometime to boot up & your device will be fixed.




  • I did it successfully on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G.
  • Carry out each instruction very carefully & exactly as directed.
  • I’m not at all responsible for any damage whatsoever to your device.
  • Debug your device at YOUR OWN RISK.


File DownloadSmart Phone (SP) Flash Tool


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