Maximise Battery Life, Follow These Simple Tips


it’s tough to get your smartphone running for 24 hours without charging.  Better battery technology is still to come to our rescue, hence it’s left to software & settings to get maximum life out of the limited power for as long as possible.   Here are a few suggestions to extend your smartphone battery life :

Use Dark Wallpapers/Themes & Settings

As screens only illuminates the colored pixels & black pixels are unlit, so if there are more black/dark pixels, the less battery is used.  Hence, using dark app backgrounds, themes & wallpapers can prolong battery life considerably.

Avoid Adaptive/Auto Brightness

As screen is one of the biggest battery suckers, most of the users find it a good option to control brightness automatically.  But they are mistaken, as most of the time auto brightness is brighter than what is really required.  Hence, it’s better to manually set a comfortable low brightness level & then regulate it as & when needed.

Shorter Screen Time Out

As stated above, screen consumes a lot of power – so if screen timeout is set for shortest possible convenient duration, a lot of battery can be conserved.  For eg. if screen timeout is set to 1 minute, it’ll use double the power than 30 seconds duration, before getting off automatically every time you switch your screen on.

Smartness Not Required Everytime

Smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling etc are not used most of the time or for long regular use but they keep on sucking the juice, so its better to stop/deactivate a feature you use seldom or don’t use.

Turn Off Vibrator & Haptic Feedback

Vibrator consumes a lot of battery so until its really required switch it off.  Haptic feedback – buzz you get while using keyboard – also uses vibrator.  It feels cool, but it doesn’t really add anything to your experience & is another battery drainer.  Deactivating them both prolongs battery life considerably.

Activate Lock Screen Notifications

Lock screen notifications enables to see app notifications at a glance without having to turn whole screen on.  Its a standard feature on Android Lollipop but Android KitKat users will have to use apps or widgets for the same, if your ROM supports.

Use Original Batteries

One should always use original batteries or recommended third party manufacturer batteries because saving some money on a battery may lead to sub-standard battery performance & may eventually damage your beloved smartphone, in the long run.

Do Not Disturb/Airplane Mode

While sleeping or during meetings or any other such time when you want zero disturbance from the world you can use Do Not Disturb feature or put your phone on Airplane mode.  Similarly, use Airplane mode if you are in an area/place where there is no network.  Airplane mode switches off all radios like network , WiFi, Bluetooth etc thereby saving on battery.

Connected 24/7 ?

GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi & mobile data should be turned on only when they are required.

Turning off location data or changing your Location settings to use Wi-Fi or 3G data rather than GPS works perfectly well.

Don’t keep Wi-Fi & mobile data turned on at all times.  Also, keep Wi-Fi to ”Always on during sleep” setting, as it will use less power rather than reconnecting every time you wake your phone.

Widgets Everywhere ?

Widgets do provide latest update/information but they constantly keep on syncing data thereby increasing net (wifi/data) usage & simultaneously over burdening the battery in a multiple ways.  Avoid widgets that are really not needed, especially those that are connected to the net.  For eg. Twitter, Weather, Gmail etc.  Just tap the apps on demand.

Use Latest Apps

Developers keep on updating apps thereby adding new features & doing optimisations for memory & battery consumption.   Delete old & rarely used apps, as they may be running background processes that eat RAM & suck battery.

Battery Saving Features

Every ROM has some settings to conserve & optimize battery usage.  For eg. HTC has Extreme Power Saving Mode, Samsung has Ultra Power Saving Mode, Android Marshmallow has Doze feature & so on.  Find yours & start conserving, today.

Trap Called Auto Sync

Every app syncs automatically as soon as it’s launched so until & unless notifications are truly needed immediately as some action takes place, turn off auto-syncing.  Auto sync keeps on syncing after few minutes & adds to continuous battery consumption.  For eg. Twitter, Mail, Calender etc.

The last thing any battery conserver wants to witness is bunch of apps screwing battery by automatically updating & syncing.  This can be controlled by managing app auto-updates settings from the Play Store or individually for each app.

Turn Off Hotwords

Nowadays all smartphone platforms like Windows, Apple & Android support voice recognition through some particular hotwords.  For eg. Google’s “Ok Google” voice searching is a useful & fantastic function but the problem is that its a battery eater – especially if its used occasionally.

Solution lies in the sort of settings selected.  Instead of “From Any Screen” select “From Google App” so that its not listening all the time but only when its needed.


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