Easiest Ways To Retrieve Data From A Lost Android Smartphone

It happens many times with us that we lose our precious & personal information rich smartphone & then the panic button is pressed as if the smartphone is in wrong & bad hands then our entire life can be ruined socially & financially.  The foremost thought on losing a smartphone is not only its quick retrieval but how to secure data from falling into wrong hands & its recovery.  Various threats or concerns  on losing a smartphone & solutions for them are as follows :

Tracking & Retrieving Smartphone

For this purpose Google has Android Device Manager which when activated helps in :

  • Tracking device location.
  • Remotely locking the phone by changing the current password (handy if no password is set).
  • Wipe the phone memory of all data.

This service can be accessed by visiting here.

Apart from Google some device manufacturers provide same service.


Saving contacts is a industrious task as entering each & every detail is very labourious & boring.  There were days when contact meant only saving a phone number but nowadays a contact means oceans of information regarding a person from phone number to address to personal info like dates of birth & anniversary.  Personal & professional details like emails, websites, social media app id’s etc can also be added to a contact which makes it very painful if a contact is lost as gathering whole information is a uphill task.

Everyone uses email services like Google’s Gmail etc which have facility to save contacts online with full information.  These contacts can be easily synced with your phone once you log into your email app on your smartphone.

Some device manufacturers also provide similar services.


Those loving, funny, caring moments that you saved for cherishing forever by capturing them from your camera are a possession of a life time.  Losing them can be a real heart break as you can buy new device, gather all lost information again but you can’t relive that perfect memorable moment again.

Google’s Photos is a easiest way to keep them safe.

Some device manufacturers also provide similar services.

These can also be backed up using some cloud service like Dropbox etc.


Sometimes we save some important messages in our message box for future references.  Losing them may cause inconvenience & they can harm us in a big way if accessed by the wrong/bad guys.

Some device manufacturers also provide similar services.


Every user has enormous data on their smartphone storage like business files (excels, word documents, presentations etc), songs, movies etc.  If lost, it may be impossible to gather all the data again & even if possible then it may take a lot of time.  Backing up such data is the best way to be on safer side.

Google’s Drive helps in storing the data online so that the files can be accessed from anywhere anytime easily.

Other alternate for this is to backup them using a cloud service like Dropbox so that the data is easily recoverable & transferable to a new device.


Apps installed can always be accessed from the Google Play Store list but if device manufacturers service is active on your device then it can backup all your apps, home screen layout & settings for easy retrieval once you log back into your cloud service.

As we now know that we can retrieve almost all types of data from our lost device very easily lets check out the services mentioned & how they work.


Google has integrated all its services with each other so closely that any Android user can access them without any fuss & free of cost (for basic level).

Google provides 15 GB space on creating a Google account where Gmail, Drive, Photos etc all store your data for easy retrieval.  You don’t have to remember a long list of passwords or numerous app names for this.  Just buy your new Android device, configure your Google account & you are good to go as all Google apps are by default installed on your device.  Google apps help you backup different types of data using different apps.

Device Manager Locate device, Reset password & Wipe data
Gmail Email & Contacts
Drive Business files, music, softwares etc
Photos Images & Videos
Play Store Apps installed

Device Manufacturer Cloud Service

Some smartphone manufacturers also provide free cloud space (generally 5 GB) to their users for data backup.  This service is very useful & every user should take benefit of this service as different type of data, which cannot be saved by any other means can be backed up & retrieved  easily using this cloud service.  Different type of data that can be backed up is Contacts, Messages, Images, Videos, Apps, Settings, Home Screen layout & lost device tracking.
Cloud Services
There are lot of online cloud service providers like Dropbox etc that give users specified free cloud space for data storage.  Here one can backup Business files (excels, word documents, presentations etc), Music, Images, Videos, Softwares etc.

  • These service are very useful but they have a drawback – if the person in possession of your device deletes the data & syncs all your accounts, then entire data will be lost.  So take precaution & be alert to track the device or delete/delink online cloud services as soon as you realise that you have lost your beloved device.
  • There are numerous other services for the above purposes feel free to explore the Google Play Store. (Listed these because theese are very common).

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