Prisma – Unleash The Artist In You


After a long wait, finally Prisma was lauched & released for Android devices on 24 July 2016. Here is my review of the app with all options explained in detail.



Home Screen :

When you open the app, you find the screen divided in 2 parts :

  1. Top half screen as Camera View Finder to click an image to start working on it.
  2. Bottom half has all Options related to the working of the Prisma app.




Prisma Options :

  1. Flash – Flash button is a multi toggle button which when presed repeatedly turns Flash to Auto, Permanently On & Permanently Off option.
  2. Rotate Camera – To switch between Front & Rear camera.
  3. Settings – For various app settings.
  4. Shutter Button – To click the image for converting it to awesome art work.
  5. Gallery – For converting your lovely pictures stored on your device into professional looking art work.




Settings :

Settings menu is a very simple one, with no complex options. Just a couple of options related to saving of images, artwork or adding watermark to the creations.






Gallery :

If you want to use pre clicked images stored on your device, this option lets you browse the stored image from different apps.






Editing :

Once you have selected the image, app moves forward for editing :

  1. Grid lines help in easily managing the image alignment.
  2. If you want to change the image then press the X.
  3. Rotate option lets you rotate image as per your requirement.
  4. You can pinch in & out for zooming in or out the image.

Tapping on Next takes you forward to the next step.



Filters :

There are over 29 unique filters at your disposal. You can use any of them as per your liking or as per the image. All filters may not suit the image being used so its a part where you have to hit & try as to what looks good.



Once you have selected & applied the desired filter the screen will look like this adjoining pic.

Once the filter is applied you can control how much effect you want to give to the image. Here is a sample of how it looks like when you apply the filter at 0%, 25% & 100%.






Image Saving & Sharing :

Between the image viewer & scrolling filters list, are various options that enable you to save & share the edited image.

  1. Download – Downloads the image to your device.
  2. Facebook – Directly share the images with your friends on Facebook.
  3. Share – Enables you to share image on various social connectivity apps like Whatsapp, Telegram etc. or to save it to cloud storage like Drop Box, Google Photos etc.


My Opinion :

I used Prisma for 1 whole day. Its an superb app which can give realistic artistic touch to your pictures. If you can have patience for its upcoming updates – to fix minor glitches/bugs the app has, then it may prove to be a great app for you.

Pros :

  1. At just 7 MB its one of the lightest & most productive app related to high level image editing.
  2. Easy to use app with no complex options/settings.
  3. With over 29 filters gives wider scope for experimentation.
  4. Gives professional level artistic touch to the images.

Cons :

  1. As its just 1 day old, there are a few random glitches experienced by different users.
  2. With over 29 filters user has to hit & try a lot before getting the desired result.
  3. Image size should be as per the viewer size, as bigger images can’t be zoomed in to reduce their size & gets cut from edges.

Known Issues :




Editing screen doesn’t shows the selected image for editing. Instead it shows black screen with PRISMA written on it.







Due to slow server response, sometimes there is delay in image display on the filters screen. It shows black screen with PRISMA written on it.






Server doesn’t responds sometimes leading to an failed attempt in applying the filter.


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