AppLock – Protect Your Privacy, The Way You Want

In today’s world, with over use of social media apps & multiple functions served by mobile phones or rather the Smart Phones, everyone needs to protect their privacy & sensitive data from the preying eyes.

For this purpose, we need app lock apps & one such app is aptly named AppLock.  Developed by DoMobile Labs., it’s an app which let’s you protect your phone in a very customized manner.  You can lock apps for a specified period of time on a regular basis or for a particular location.

Let’s start with the app review of this highly downloaded app on Google Play Store with over 500,000,000 downloads.



First Look :

When the app is launched for the first time, it asks you to draw a pattern & confirm it.  Then you have to provide the Security Email ID for password retrieval in case you forget your password.




Once security check is dealt with, you get the glimpse of the Home Screen.  Menu icon in left top corner of app home screen opens the following menu.

AppLock settings can be accessed by tapping settings icon at the top.

Tapping the rest of the area opens Account Center, which shows your app membership details.

AppLock takes you back to app home screen.

Plugins has a few recommendations of apps to use with AppLock or standalone.

Themes shows various themes for the app.

At the bottom are various options to rate, share & promote app.




Another place to access settings & rate, share/promote options is by tapping the 3 dots on the right top corner of the home screen.





Settings :

Here you can set a few options that can enable you to :

  1. Hide AppLock from notification bar.
  2. Alert you when a profile is activated via Time Lock or Location Lock.
  3. Hide images.
  4. Lock newly installed apps .



Now let’s begin with the AppLock, which is divided into 2 tabs :

  1. Privacy
  2. Protect



Privacy :

There are a few options to set up AppLock for :

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Customized app locking by :
  1. Different Profiles
  2. Time Lock (Show up on tapping More)
  3. Location Lock (Show up on tapping More)

Underneath these options is a complete list of apps installed on your device, categorized into various categories depending upon their utility & functions.

Advanced :

Apps that control basic mobile functionality like calling, app installation/uninstallation or the recent apps.

Switch  Lock :

Locks all toggle switches like Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Network & many other such toggles to prevent uninformed on/off by any unauthorised person.

General :

Restricts assess to all installed apps.

Let us now look at the various options respectively.





Photo Vault :

Photos on your device can be locked by moving them to the vault.  Once moved they are unaccessable from any other place on your phone.






Video Vault :

Similar to the photos vault, Video Vault locks your device videos to the vault.





Profiles :

If you want to lock apps in a way that when you want them most, they should remain unlocked or if you want to set some rule to lock apps partially under specific conditions then you can customize it by creating Profiles.

Either lock all the apps or select the apps to lock & name the profile.

Created profiles can be applied from here too.


17Another place to access profiles is the bottom of the AppLock home screen.




More :

Tapping this button opens up 2 options that can customize AppLock highly & enable you to lock apps depending on day & time or your location.





Time Lock :

This option customizes AppLock in such a way that the apps get locked automatically at a specified time by activating the selected profile.  Even customization for specific days can be done.







Location Lock :

AppLock uses your WiFi network to ascertain your location & thus lock your apps.

Near & Away profiles can be set to work within a particular WiFi network & out of it.




Protect :

This tab has 3 options that controls device security in different ways :

  • Security
  • General
  • Magic

Let’s understand them individually.


04Security :

It has 2 options.

Unlock Settings : It lets you select the unlock method –

Pattern : Set any pattern by connecting atleast 4 dots to unlock your device.  You can also activeate/deactivate Pattern Visibility & Vibrate on Touch.

Password : Unlocks device on punching in the 4 digit pass code.  Here in, you can set Password Hint & activate/deactivate Random Keyboard & Vibrate on Touch.




Security Settings :

You have to set Security Q & A for your account alongwith the Security Email ID.  These options come handy in unfortunate cases like when you forget the pass code or any other such unforeseen unwanted situation.




General :

  1. Power Saving Mode – If enabled, helps saving upto 50% power usage.
  2. Advanced Protection – Installs a plugin which prevents anyone from killing/uninstalling the app.
  3. Allow a brief exit – Allows you to reuse a app without re-locking it, for a specified time set here.
  4. Re-lock after Screen On – Re-locks all the apps once the screen is locked, irrespective of time set in brief exit.



Magic :

  1. Hide AppLock – Removes AppLock icon from home screen.  If activated, AppLock can be accessed from browser or by entering password from dialer,
  2. Random Keyboard – Random Keyboard is a innovative idea to let you key in the pass code.  Its like normal keyboard but here the numbers are continuously placed randomly so that if someone gets to know your password by noticing you while punching in the code, they can’t enter the correct code because the numbers get jumbled.
  3. Cover – Adds a fake cover so that unauthorized users get confused & only authorized user can use the apps.

Now, let’s check other options of the Main Menu.



Plugins :

Here some useful apps from DoMobile Labs. are listed, that can be used either individually or in combination with the AppLock.

Tapping any of them takes you to the Google Play page of that app for download & installation.





Themes :

It’s divided into 2 tabs :

Featured – There are various themes for the AppLock Unlock screen, which you can download form Google Play.  Tapping the theme will directly take you to the theme download page.

Installed – Downloaded themes once installed show up on this tab.





In the upper right corner of the themes is the background icon to change the AppLock Unlock screen background, where you can select any image stored on your device.

It let’s you define 2 backgrounds respectively for Portrait mode & Landscape mode.






There is a dial pad icon at the top right corner of the background screen, which lets you change the text color of the numbers of the dial pad.






Forgot Password :

If you forget your pass code then you can retreive it from the unlock screen, anytime.




My Opinion :

After 5 days of usage, I can easily say that it is one of the best app lock available for Android.  No doubt that it is highly downloaded app on the Google Play store.  Being highly customisble it helps a lot in avoiding unauthorized access to the device.

Pros :

  1. Can lock apps according to day & time.
  2. Can lock apps as per your location.
  3. Can confuse unauthorized users by faking Fingerprint Scanning & App Force Close.
  4. Has high level of pass code protection via Random Keyboard.


Cons :

Repetitive options…

  1. Multiple options to access profiles, settings & share/rate.
  2. Profiles & More buttons can make way for Time Lock & Location Lock.

Known Issues :

It works very smoothly on Stock Android ROM but when its used on Custom ROM’s like MIUI, it may not work at all because the Display Pop Up Window permission is denied by default.

To use it on custom ROM’s follow the following steps :

Go to Settings -> Installed Apps -> All -> AppLock -> Permission Manager & give permission to Display Pop Up Window

Download Link : Google Play


13 thoughts on “AppLock – Protect Your Privacy, The Way You Want

  1. Hi Inder,

    How’s everything going? I hope you are doing great.

    Do you still interested in testing and writing IObit Applock?

    In October 2016, we added Face Lock which uses AI optimized facial recognition technology in IObit Applock to better protect Android privacy. Since its first release in July 2016, IObit Applock has achieved more than 500,000 downloads. Many famous websites have reviewed or recommended IObit Applock’s Face Lock, like Techrepublic, Wonderhowto, Xda-developers, Techtudo, AS, Androidinsider, Phonandroid, Tinhte. IObit Applock also got recommended on Play Store in October 2016 as Google editor’s choice.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you!


  2. I really like LEO Privacys. Its really a good and nice app lock because even you clear the apps data and cache in apps manager, its still working fine. I mean, the security code is not gone. Its really prevent unauthorize use of your phone apps. Good job.
    But if you say applock is amaizng, I will have a try


  3. Hey, your articles are very nice. We have just published IObit Applock. Are you interested to try it and write a review about it?

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