[Step By Step Guide] How To Play With Compressed Files On Mobile?

We all have to use zip files on daily basis as lot of data needs to be shared & transferred for day to day tasks, whether official or leisure purpose.  To compress/decompress these files we have to use PC as mobiles phones are unable to use such files.

Sometimes it happens that we don’t have access to a PC & zip file is essential to get the information.  For that tricky situation the solution is provided by ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer is a file manager app that lets user :

  • Manage & share all local & cloud files.
  • Access remote files.
  • Built-in viewers & players for different file types.
  • Root explorer.
  • App manager.
  • SD Card analyst.
  • & much more…

The feature that comes to user rescue in our scenario is Compressed File support.

ES File Explorer has built in compressed file support which enables user to create new zip files by compressing files of his choice as well as to decompress a existing zip file.





As you launch the ES File Explorer app you get this view.  Tap Compressed icon.







On the following screen, tap New.  It will pop up a menu where in you can locate & select the files you want to add to zip.  Name the file & save it.  You can also set file password too.







Saved file shows up in the Compressed folder & the saved file location pops up in the message below.








To decompress any file, tap Unzip, menu pops up asking for location to extract the file.  When done, unzip icon changes to Open & extraction location pops up in the message below.

When you tap file name then various options related to file management pop up in a menu.  To view the file with built in ES Zip Viewer tap it & the viewer opens with list of extracted files.




A compressed file can be unzipped by choosing Extract option too.  It leads to folder selection screen, I selected SD Card.  It then lets you reach extraction location by browsing through file explorer.  Tap extract at the bottom & folder is created with extracted files.







Move To option lets you move the file to a new location.  Just like Extract option it lets you choose location to move file.




Following the above steps as guided you can easily & successfully play with compressing & decompressing the zip files.


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