[Step By Step Guide] Snowfall Effect Using Photoshop

It’s winter time & christmas is around the corner.  Many people who play with images love to give different effects to their images & snowfall effect is the one that all love…  Let’s learn to cause some snowfall of your own…

1) Create a new file or open a clicked pic of your choice.


2) If creating a new image from scratch then make a duplicate layer & if using a clicked image then create a new layer.  Using Paint Bucket Tool fill duplicate/new layer with black color.  In case of creating new image fill color of your choice to the other layer (except white).
3) Make black color layer as your active layer & goto Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise.
4) When done, goto Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur.
5) Now, press Ctrl + M together for Curves pop up menu.  There it can be seen that there is a huge tower with a diagonal line.  Drag & adjust that line at top & bottom to control snow flakes.
6) When done, click on black layer for the menu.  Select Blending Options & then change Blend Mode to Screen.
7) Voila! Your own snowfall is ready…
Now, enjoy the winter’s & celebrate christmas but don’t forget to let the designer inside you to show his creativity.

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